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A Year and Eleven Month

I'm proudly congrats to myself that I can put myself into this title for such a long time . A year and eleven months . But I do like somebody . Dia lelaki yang mampu buat hati ini tak keruan when I saw him . Senyuman dia always make me feel warm . Very warmth . There once he said that he loves me but then he such a liar . He loves somebody else . He love that girl . Such a horrible moment ever . But what do I do ? I keep waiting for him . Waiting for him to come back to my life . Am I a fool ? Even I know he won't come into my life again but why I still want him ? Until it is hard for me to accept the others .

I still can feel the pain . The pain where I saw him and her walk together . I can still feel my hand and my body shivering like a hell that time . My eyes keep trying not looking back at them and try not to cry in front of the others . In front of my friend . I'm not going to show them my weak side . I can still feel that pain till now . And I don't know how to release that pain away . I want to forget all that thing . I want to forget all the thing about you . So when I'm lying around on my bed while listening to the music, that song won't make me thing about you . Won't make me cry like a stupid person in the middle of the night .

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