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Covering Aurah

A : It is hard for us men to always lower our gaze when we set our eyes upon girls who doesn't cover their aurah properly.

B : Your are worth more than billions of dollars. Take good care of it because your aurah is your dignity. A little piece of reminder for you and me

C : We are the citizens of a country that claims to be an Islamic country but the First Lady herself didn't cover her aurah properly

D : Cover your aurah girls.

Yes i know it's hot. But remember, you do that for the sake of Allah. Sayang ayah kamu kan? Then, the case is over.

E : A real muslimah covers their aurah perfectly.

F : Sisters your voice is Aurah "Be not soft in speech, lest those in whose heart is a disease should be moved with desire" [Al-Ahzab 32]

G : people nowadays are wearing trendy attires to boost their confidence level. For the Muslims, cover your aurah like what Islam taught.

H : Aurah is my dignity. Hijab is my complementary. God is my protector. ''Iman'' is my shield.

Why does a Muslimah need to cover up their aurah? Because their beauty is for their man (husband) not for mankind.

Honestly, saya takut jika saya tidak memelihara aurat saya dengan sebetulnya. Saya takut. Saya bukan perempuan yang bertudung labuh. Saya bukan perempuan dari sekolah agama. Saya bukan perempuan yang tidak pernah membuat dosa. Sebaliknya saya adalah manusia yang melakukan doasa tanpa noktah. Saya adalah perempuan yang baru nak berubah ke arah kebaikan. Saya adalah perempuan yang inginkan nasihat supaya diri ini tidak terpesong terlalu jauh. Saya mencuba sedikit demi sedikit dengan memakai sarung lengan dan memakai stokin kaki bila ke kelas. At least i'm trying my best to be a better Muslimah than before. I'm trying even it's hard. Just so you know, it's not easy as you thought.

Ya Allah, pelihara diri ini dari membuka auratku pada yang bukan mahram. Amin .

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