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Stress Baby Stress

Life is what you make of it, so make the most of everything. :D

I'm stressed with my life. This semester totally makes me feel exhausted. With the lecturer that had a weird attitude that make me sick with them. Oh come on, you gonna make me lifeless. With two projects that I must handle with my group. The biology project and also the entrepreneurship project. The biology proposal so far seems smooth because I'm easy going with the group member but with the entrepreneurship I'm still feeling awkward because I'm not too close with them. Both of them. The entrepreneurship project got too much progress and at the end of the semester we got to present it to panel that not very pleasant. I hope I can handle this unstable emotion till the end of semester because this semester my mood are not very stable because I show up my emotion too much rather than before.

Ya Allah, give me strength to walk on the path that you decided for me. Amen.

It can be hard getting rid of negativity, but it can feel like a weight being lifted off your chest.

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