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Okay, somebody asked me "hey, still since last time tragedy?"
and it a little bit knock me down. just a little . maybe . then answered that person question like this
"of course i'm still single! i don't have any reasons for myself to has a relationship that gonna make me hurt. you know, i'm such a heartless person. when i see a handsome guy in front of me and my heart don't feel anything like before this. there are no compliment spoken out from my mouth that time. so i guess maybe i don't have any feeling toward guys anymore."

then that person that asked me that question suddenly make her shocked face and shouted at me "no feeling toward guys? are you sure? wait, then you're a lesbian?"
the question that spoke out from her mouth totally make me insane and laughing like vampire version Malay. okay. i'm not a lesbian. maybe. or am i a lesbian?
oh baby, i'm so scared.

i like to be friends with somebody that we call as lesbian. but it doesn't mean i am a lesbian if i be friend with them. nothing wrong. they are human being like us.
they're nice. 

Sometimes I think i'm a raging homosexual.But here i am, trying to convince myself that i like boys more than girls.

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