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Wan Zaitul Husna :D

She's my friend . And i'm madly love her because she's different from others .
she's understanding . she's cute . she's short .
she's sweet . she's hot . she's strong but most importantly she's senget . haha .
i love to spend my time with her . a lot of stories will come out from us
when we loitering like a boss . haha . i hope both of us
gonna be friend till the end of our life :D

she love chocolate so much but i love vanilla :D 
vanillachocolate friendship ;p

seems like people don't like to see me and her walk around together .
and i don't understand why people seem like jealous with us .
whatever , i don't care about that .

by the way , WAN ZAITUL HUSNA , i love you friend :D
i will always love you .
i always hope you happy and enjoy your life always baby .

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