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Such a Long Time

such a long time i never cry . i feel suck every single of my day . why i can't cry . why and why . then yesterday , i watch a movie . bout family . damn it's sad . guess what , i'm crying . it feel like "wows , i'm crying . i'm glad cause i'm crying . such a long time i didn't cry . all my feeling are mix together right now . feel of suck , feel of lonely , feel of sad , feel of jealousy , feel of anger , feel happy , feel of nothing . am i too far apart from you ya Allah until You make me feel like this ?  i feel empty . i feel nothing . i use to laugh when people making jokes or what . i use to smile when i see or saw people around me . i'll control my mood from bad to good when i'm hanging around my friends . but when i'm alone , something weird come to me . oh my . could you please go away from me please dear . i hate when i'm feeling empty suddenly . 

okay , never mind . so today i'm doing my assignment . did you know how it feel when in study week , your lecturer giving you assignment . wows , i love you so much miss cause you're giving me an assignment to do . it's amazing . so i already done finish up my work . tomorrow i must submit it . he he . today was a boring day . like before . i'm doing my assignment . at evening , i'm going to mini gym with Len . then at night i'm talked with my housemate . told her a lot of story bout myself . and i told her about him . someone that i like . but i won't ever get until the rest of my life . i told her about my ex . i told her about my roommates . i told her a lot . erghh ~

i'm hungry right now :'(

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