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Interesting Story From Ma Lecturer

Today I want to go back home . I think for a month I didn't see my parents and my siblings . Wahh . I really really miss them right now and I can't wait for waiting my father to come at Beting and pick me up . Dear dad , can you come more early please . I want to back home right now . I miss my bed . Hehehe . For sure I miss you too . I pack a lot of my stuff to bring back home . There are a lot bags . Half of my stuff should be put at home so when final examination is ending , I don't need to feel tired cause must pack a lot of things right . I'm just leaving a few things that I think I need to use it for a month . Others being put in bags . 

Ah , about a story that I heard from a lecturer this morning was about himself . Love story about him . It was about he was in love with one girl . A girl who was so beautiful and an educated one . Who didn't attracted to those that had a good looking face and an educated right ? So do I . But but but my lecturer at that time was a student . Language students that study for degree that time while person that he like was an engineer . She does like him but there are too many people that like and adore at him that time . So that girl married to a man that's been chosen by her parents .

One day , when my lecturer got a stable economy and already finishing his studies he suddenly meet up a woman . A woman that he loves before this . But the woman had been divorced by his ex husband so she became a widow . Did my lecturer back to that woman ? NO ! Because PAST was PAST . He already got engaged to one woman that truly love him and always support him no matter what :) so sweet . 
So the moral of the story that I got from my lecturer story .. No need to be sad if you have been left by the person that you love so much because one day God will send you one person that will always be by your side until Jan-Nah . 

Don't worry if we love being rejected by him , but worried if our love had been rejected by HIM :)

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