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I'll try so hard to be the strong ONE :)

i'm such a girl that didn't stick to like or love someone for such a long time but i don't know why my feeling toward him are so hard to been removed from my heart . i'm just knowing a little thing about him . there are a lot of things that we didn't know about each other . we are friends only . just like others . i never knew that he will be the one that i like . thing sucker feeling happen when he ask for my numb at the fb . because i think he is one of my LDK group members and campus mate so i gave it to him easily baby . no doubt . haha . then we texting with each other . as a friend we should not do things that we shouldn't for example webcam like a hot couple . i never do this thing with my others friends . everything ruined up when he confess to me that he love me . first at all i'm so happy for sure . haha . i can't lie my feeling toward him . for sure i love him . then we flirting each other . but one day he told me that he love me . he love me damn much but he already had a girlfriend . okayy . what the ... that's statement totally make me feel "wowww , bad ass" 
i dint contact him . because he such a liar . dushhh . beautiful liar . ohh please . i shouldn't love someone that totally bad like him . but i dont know why every time i'll try to forget him , the figure of him , his smile , his eyes always suck deeply in my mind . hahaha . sounds crazy right . but its true . true story . 

i'll try day by day to live without him . and finally my heart told me that she try to recover . suddenly , my friend keep gossiping and scandaling me with me . for every  second joke that they will make are about that bad ass . for sure i cant do anything right . just can laugh . and laugh when they keep mention his name . everyday -.- oh come on . my heart are trying to recover but they said his name again and again , its totally make my heart feel nervous and there are butterfly  in my stomach . hehehe . 

but i can accept the faith that he are not for me . and my heart continue to recover back . until one day , the moment when i went to the bazaar to buy some food with one of my friends :) . something that i dont expected happen infront of me . wowww . him there , with a girl . a girl that always looking at me with one aura that smell very smelly and jerk . he look at me that time but i didn't look at him . because that time i feel , i feel like . i should cry . cry with all my heart .  hahaha . such a stupid and idiot girl right . awww . so silly baby . seriously i'll try to be happy even that time i was sad . really sad . huarghhh . didnt you know that when i heard his name be mention by my friends , as fast as i could i will say "shhhhhh ! please , i don't wanna hear his name been mention forever and ever . never and never kay ."

*i'll smile because i know that's time because i don't wanna waste my tears again and again . my heart are totally broken even i'll try to fix it again . but i know Allah will always be my side*


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