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Perfect Together ^^

           dear my husband ,

you smiled at me and touched my heart .
i knew right then , we'd never be apart .
we walked and talked and realized we were the same .
i knew right then , someday you will be mine .

you're the closest to perfection i've ever known ,
and i want to thanks you for the love you've shown .
i love you so much and always will
you fixed the hole in my life i needed to fill .
anything and everything for you i'd do .
oh ,  my love , how i need you !
your loving embrace and gentle kiss
fills my soul with erotic bliss .
your compassionate heart and caring soul
flourishes our love and helps it grow .
you are my lover , my confidant , and forever friend .
with all my heart ,  I choose you to the end.

love ,
your cute wife :p

give me your love ^^

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