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Love Love Love

love , you're so distracting 
am i overreacting , for feeling this way 
and ever , since i met ya , i can't keep my attention 
and you are to blame 

you're love's a permanent distraction , a perfect interaction 
a feeling so extreme 
i lost my appetite to eat , and i barely get to sleep 
cause you're even in my dreams 
and i thought that i was strong but i knew that all along , this was out of my control 
so i fell into your hands , and i don't know where we'll land , 
i'm just going with the flow 

somedays , i want to run away 
this feels so perfect ,  it's breaking my heart 
yeah we could , we could stay here happy 
or after summer , be two worlds apart 

you're love ,  is coming like a freight train 
ain't nothing gonna stop it , 
it's heading for my heart , 
you're love , is bigger than a rain cloud 
it covered up my whole skies 
it's filling up my heart .

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