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Eh ? Eh ? Eh ?


hari nie macam pelik pulak bila mana lepas dah edit-2 blog and letak link for twitter suddenly tak lama lepas tu ada someone mengfollow . such a weird day you know . mana tak weird , hari tu add at facebook , hari nie follow dekat twitter pulak . tup-22malam tadi time bukak twitter ternampak pulak tweet dekat atas tu  dekat TL . huhuhu . neither me  until now cannot forget the moment at Terminal 1 . every single moment still in my memories . but all that memories only make me feel sick and suck . too many question cycling around my head . why i letting my hand been grabbing by him ? why  ? why i made things that will make my parents ashamed  ?  where's your pride as a girl ? huhuhu . too many questions . ohmaii . i feel sick . 

i admit , after we are not in a relay . i never log in to the skype anymore . too horrible for me . i still remember we skyping until the morning right . its funny when you fall asleep while skyping with me . you show me your 101 ways to eats nestums . haha . opssss . i should stop talking about this . i should and i should . we're nothing .you're my history . but i know i can't forget anything about you but i'll try . i know there are lot of person that more important to me than you . i also meant nothing to you . please forget about me . you already had somebody that love you . you should care bout her . dont let the same thing heppen to you happen to her . even i know i dont like her . i dont know why i dont like her . maybe because i my heart told me that i souldnt like her unless she prove to me that she is a nice one . 

my heart  only for person who really know how to appreciate me :)
anyone ? hahaha . ingat nie jualan murah dekat pasar malam ke hah ?

romeo and juliet . real love real things :D

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