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I'm Totally Confused

all the actions that i'm doing are wrong . i'm a girl that easy to like anyone but
not easy to LOVE anyone okay . so in my situation right now ,
he like me and me also like him . but 
i just like him . not more than that because i cant .
i dont want to give my heart to anybody that
didn't know how to care it .

i know i'm wrong because i like to flirty with a lot of guys
out there right . but that's the way i am . i'm just trying to have fun .
i don't like any commitment .
owe come on . i dont like people misunderstanding with my style and the
way i treat people . ohmaii . 

i already fully empty my heart from any love except the love
of Allah , our Rasul , love from my parents and siblings that always
supporting me , love from my big family , love from my friends and love from
my teachers or lecturers .

actually when i'm in high sch , i hate guys . i hate them because they didn't know how
to respect girls . that's why i like to make guys suffers a lot .
couple with a lot of guys in one time ,
then break up . hahaha .
such a naughty girl that time . but now , i'm not doing thing like
thats anymore . you know , karma .

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