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Problems :
1. had a friend who makes plans to hang out but cancels when a better
offer comes along .
2. a buddy who helped through a bad breakup then
flirted with ex .

Read this :
#actually these problematic friend are known as ambivalent friends or
in a slang they are called frenemies .

#it is a complicated relationship where person that boost you up
suddenly bring you down for any of a variety of reasons .

#they include
-the well-meaning friend who is overly competitive
-the pal who is a pillar of support whentimes are tough but cannot quite take
pleasure in your successes
-the college buddy who drops everything to lend you a hand
when you need one but gossips about you later .

#in this troublesome relationships , qualities such as warmth and understanding
go hand-in-hand with criticism , jelousy and rejection .

#its a friend who drives you nuts

#love them , dont want to lose them but they're really a pain .

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