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i should not flirting with him right . i'm afraid if he misunderstanding
with me . i'm afraid if he start to like me .
i know i like to joking i mean flirt *hahaha* but whatever word like
lebiu , muahx , sayang awak and etc
are mean nothing to me . because i like to use that's words
to my girl friend or any ladies outside there because its show that
we're love each other like a siblings .
but sometimes we also use that's word to guys , i mean my classmates or
campus-mates and they dont really care about it because they know
we didnt mean it .

but my problem now is i'm using that's flirty word to my other friend .
i dont know if he misunderstanding
with me or not but i'm afraid if he was .
he should know that i only love all my friend just as a friend .
not more than that .
because i already lock my heart and waiting
if someone come to my house and *knock knock knock*
jom menikah
hahaha . shock tak ?

honestly , saya mudah sayang dekat orang . tapi sayang itu tak melebihi dari
sayang seorang kawan atau sayang macam adik beradik .
so i hope tak ada lha yang akan salah sangka dengan saya lagi lepas ni :( 

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