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ermm . i'm totally lost today . lost to another world .
got headache . really hate about . i wanna study biology . but i cant .
i can read it but when i want to memorize it , my head start to say "dont you ever dare to make me hurt"
gosh . please make me become normal back .
i want to study oke .

ermmm . no mood for today .
feel like hell for sure .

i wanna go home . ibu and ayah , please pick me here .
i cant stand anymore .

if i back home , my problem already waiting for me .
i dont want to see HER face looking at me
and ask for symphaty .
what should i do right now .
suicide ?
no !
i cant do it .
its false .

the only thing that i can do is stay at home and never get out
unless you must oke .
all the other time you must spend all your life at your house .
watching movie and cartoon .
oww .

my friendship with that girl wont ever break up .
i just need a time to
apologize her .
i love her like i love my family ,
just want to give her suffer a while oke .

but i wont like her useless boyfriend until when-2 .
hate him (-__-)

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