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today , i got a religous examination paper . gosh , i dont know why i'm heard two different sound that time .
not a normal sound but kind of weirdo sound .
i'm totally scared you know that time .
i'm just ignore that sounds because of i wanna concentrate to my final examination okay .
but thats sound kind hate me because sometime its appear sometime its gone .
dude , are there a ghost there .
ghost at 3 p.m .
i dont thinks so . but from where that sounds came from .
i dont know and i dont want to know bout it .

suddenly when i want to do my maghrib prayer ,
that sound came again .
what should i do .
i'm just continue my prayer because i cannot think what should i do that
time . such a horrible time .
my roommate are sleeping at that time because
she so tired . i dont want to disturb her .

is it my halunisation or what ?
i dont know what to say bout it . as far as i know my hand and my heart
are not stop feel fear of that sounds .
to avoid that sound i'm must wear earphone all the time
and when i feel something wrong
with my surrounding i will
play songs from my phone and play it loud so
i cannot hear that sounds .

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