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i think i know what do you mean by hot story

oke . yesterday you told me that you wanna tell me i hot story .
hot story bout your BFF right .
then bila sha heard yang you wanna tell me after my
final examination then i can guess
it all about what .

something he got a new girlfriend right .
so what , he deserve to right to get a new one .
so i think better i mind my own business .
i should never interrupt in his life
again for rest of my life .

he's got his own way and i got my own too .
he's mind his own business and i mind my own business .
so everyone will happy .
he just someone that i called EX .
so i dont want to hear anything about him again .
i guess so .
erghhh ~ 

nevermind .
every deserve get the best person in their live .

*p/s : i wish i could have someone that can make my life change .
totally change . 
somebody that could make my life full with islamic .
someone that can teach me lot bout islam .
someone that can love me because he love ALLAH :)

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