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i miss you honey bunny

makcik yang pakai shawl . i miss you damn much . miss nak text shama kamu . mish shangat-2 .
tapi kenapa hari tu awak tak percaya cakap kakak .
kakak kan sudah cakap sama kamu yang kakak tak salahkan and kakak
tak buad apa-2 or hack your fb .
just a stupid conversation with your boyfriend happened at your photo album .

you know what , i hate him damn much . damn-999999999x much baby .
such a annoying boy i never knew .
why you couple with that damn boy .
better you couple with you ex-boyfriend that you leave him because of that damn guy .
errr ~ you ex-boyfriend was so nice and i like him the way he are .

the most thing that make me feel angry and feel wanna throw you away
into the pool that full of phiranna are because of you unfriend me from you facebook .
woahwoah . such a hell you know .
why you unfriend me . for what ? unfriend me because of your stupid boyfriend .
he useless .
then i block you . hahaha . so you cant find me again .
like i care about it .

i wont unblock  you unless your boyfriend come and see me and seek for
apologize . bhahaha .

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