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Dont Knock The Door of My Heart ♥

i'm often confused . confused with myself .
am i know the meaning of love ?
i dont think so .
hahaha . so please dont you ever dare to knock the door of my heart .
i dont like it . really-2 dont like it .
i'm just a girl that love to flirty with all
guys out there .
just flirty and just wanna have some fun .
not more than that .

dont you ever think to love me because you will hurt oneday and then you
will put a blame and me .
like i care about it . phewww ~
hohoho .
i'm not a playgirl . imma girl that only love to had fun with people .
not more than that oke .

imma childish one .
i dont take serious about things that happen around me .
thats my weakness .
oh my gosh !
shhhhhh ~
dont tell anyone bout this oke darling ?

oke laa . suda tak tahu mao typo ape lagi .
fafai .

hastalavista baby :)

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