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blurpblurpblurp .
my final examination start tomorrow .
huarghhh . i'm so scared you know . can i do it .
fisha , i know you can do it .
dont give up or
you wanna be a loser . for sure you didnt
want to be call with that name
right .

i'm in mood of study . study . study and study .
bored you know .
every second of your life , you use it for study . come on .
after final you can do it anything that you want baby .
you want to golek-2 ?
watching cartoon 24 hour .
online .
hahaha . for sure you can do it darling .

suddenly , i miss someone that i should not .
someone that already be taken by somebody else .
i'm so stupid and useless cause
miss that guy . you should be shame darl . you should not miss
him okay .

he hurt your feeling right .
you should not miss someone that make your heart bleeding .
please forget him .
and avoid him every single second of your life .
run away from him .

are sure you can avoid yourself from him ?
i'm not pretty sure bout it .
you're in one campus with him right .
sometime you will pass by him right even not very rarely .
but lately you always saw him everywhere .

serve you right fisha .
before this you play drama right with everyone that you know , you flirt with
them even you already had boyfriend that time .
so right now you get a karma for
every single thing that you had done .
how do you feel right now ?
regret ?
for sure not right . for what you wanna regret ?
wasting your time .

so for sure right now .
i'm miss everyone . miss my mom , my dad , my siblings especially
dinie and qila .
i miss my friends especially my honey bunny , syafa . love you hunn .
miss my classmate at campus .
miss him and him and him and him .
woah to many him that you miss . can right .

arghhh . totally streaa right now !
papai .
hastalavista baby . muahx

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